Aged 112, A Puerto Rican man has broken the world record being the world’s oldest man

NewsBytes has reported that Emilio Flores Marquez, who lives in Puerto Rico, has been awarded a Guinness world record for being the oldest living person who is a man.

The Guinness World Records confirmed the record on Wednesday, with his age being 112 years and 326 days, which breaks the previous record that was held by Romania’s Dumitru Comănescu.

Comănescu died at the age of 111 years 219 days.

According to NewsBytes, Marquez was born on August 8, 1908, in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and was married to his wife Andrea Perez for 75 years until she died in 2010.

The source explains that the Puerto Rican couple had four children, two of whom are still alive. Marquez currently lives with his two children, as they take care of him.

He also has five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

It is stated that Marquez believes he believes to live happily, “an abundance of love and to live life without anger” is needed.

The Guinness World Records also explains that the oldest living female in the world is Kane Tanaka who is from Japan. The oldest woman was born on the 2 January 1903 and is currently aged 118 years old.

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