Government considers allowing fully vaccinated people to travel without restrictions

Officials are planning to allow fully vaccinated people to avoid having to isolate once they return from a country that is on the amber list, according to The Guardian.

Health secretary Matt Hancock is open to the idea, according to the Daily Telegraph. This is followed by the government announcement that vaccinations will be mandatory for social care workers.

The current countries on the amber list are popular destinations among British people such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Germany.

The law currently enforces people who are entering the country from a country on the amber list to quarantine at home or in the place you are staying for 10 days. However, the person may be able to end quarantine early through the Test to Release scheme if they pay for a private COVID-19 test.

The test to release scheme lets an individual who has been to a country on the amber list to pay for a private COVID-19 test after being in England for 5 days. If negative, the person can end their quarantine.

This plan may be influenced by former prime minister Theresa May’s statements of the government’s actions on international travel.

The former prime minister questioned the motive of the vaccinations if restrictions were still in place, signifying a tory rebellion in the government’s actions. The MP claimed that Brits will “never be able to travel abroad ever again” if the current restrictions were not changed.

During the general debate on the aviation, travel, and tourism industries on Friday the 11th, Theresa May stated: “We now have over 50% of the adult population vaccinated – a wonderful program – yet we’re more restricted on travel than we were last year”.

“In 2020, I went to Switzerland in August, South Korea in September, there was no vaccine and travel was possible – this year there is a vaccine, travel is not possible. I really don’t understand the stance the Government is taking.”

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