Vaccine to be eligible for all aged over-18 by the end of this week, according to NHS boss

The COVID-19 vaccine is to be eligible for all people over 18 by the end of this week, according to NHS boss.

Simon Stevens conveyed the importance to administer the vaccine during the extended delay of easing restrictions at the NHS Confederation annual conference.

He stated, “It is now very important that we use the next four weeks to finish the job to the greatest extent possible for the Covid vaccination programme, which has been a historic signature achievement in terms of the effectiveness of delivering by the NHS – over 60 million doses now administered”.

“I expect that by the end of this week, we’ll be able to open up the national booking service to all adults aged 18 and above”.

Currently, in the UK, a total of 71,672,208 vaccines have been administered. This includes 41,698,429 people being administered their first vaccine, and 29,973,779 being given their second vaccine.

Throughout the country, Wales has the highest percentage of administered vaccines with a total 87%; followed by England and Scotland with both 77%; and Northern Ireland with 76%.

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